Just got back from four days on Rainy from 6/3-6/6. I have a cabin on the Canadian side of Rainy and spend a lot of time there. The Rainy River is a world class fishery, but things used to be different. On the Rainy River… The river is covered in most places with a layer of thin ice. Robert began fishing Rainy Lake 26 years ago when he and Janet discovered Camp Ontario as guests. Others report excellent fishing but you have to work for them. A mix of walleyes, saugers and jumbo perch. Northern Wisconsin. Rainy Lake is a lake located just 12.2 miles from Seeley Lake, in Missoula County, in the state of Montana, United States. Rainy Lake is a body of water in MN (Koochiching, St. Louis). Ice fishing reports continue to be excellent. There can be some good ice fishing on the Rainy, but with current in the river, work through a resort for safety. Sportsman Lodge Rainy River Fishing Report. Camp Ontario Fishing's Rainy Lake Cabins. Guided Rainy Lake Fishing Trips Experience Rainy Lake fishing at its best! This year was a year of fishing … A detailed fishing report for the Rainy Lake will make the difference between a good fishing here and a bad one. Great bite continues with the morning – evening in 15-19′ of water. Rainy Lake is located along the border of Minnesota and Canada near International Falls. Tags: Rainy Lake, Rainy Lake Fishing, Rainy Lake Real Estate for sale, Move It Real Estate 0 Comments | Add Comment. Please note: Rainy Lake has a slot size on walleye. Fishing Rainy Lake is a dream for all anglers. 239 likes. We believe there are a good number of walleyes in the river despite mixed fishing reports … Current Rainy Lake Fishing Reports FORUM - Click Here. International Falls – Rainy Lake & the Rainy River. Most ice fishing is done on the main lake during the ice fishing season where there isn’t current. Rainylake.org's Rainy River Fishing Report | Our Captains serve anglers coming from around the world with unparalleled class and service. From Pro Anglers to First Timers. Fishing Rainy Lake. Welcome to our Rainy Lake Fishing Home Page. Let's face it, there's a lot we can learn and share from one another like what bait or lure is generating the best results. Anglers report very active walleye in the Rainy River. Gold spoons with a minnow head or tail have been effective on a jigging line. I fish all areas of the lake and pike are by far the dominant species. Move around to different spots or even trailer to different sections of the river until you find fish. Similar to the south end of the lake, spinners and crawlers or trolled crank baits are producing good numbers of fish. Please follow all Ontario fishing regulations and keep fishing enjoyable for everyone. All in all it was a good trip with good success. Anglers on Rainy Lake can expect a great walleye opener! Baudette-Lake of the Woods and the Rainy River Most of the ice fishing is taking place in 23-27 feet of water. Rainy Lake is a popular vacation destination for people that enjoy the outdoors. Our best luck by far was … The trails were still snow covered and soggy from the snow melt. Anglers are not only taking their limits, they are pulling in some very big walleye. Fish were scattered all over the place. Hardly caught a walleye in the first three days. Lake Mille Lacs is getting there, the small lakes are looking good, and the fish are biting . Barry "Woody" Woods - May 12, 2016. Arvid's Rainy River Fishing Report. Walleye, Bass, Pike, Crappie, Sauger Fishing Minnesota Rainy River Fishing Report. For those who dream of catching pike in the 30-40 degree category, Rainy Lake is the place to be! Slim’s Resort, a Northern Minnesota Resort Destination, offers comfortable facilities with a range of activities including charter fishing, ice fishing, walleye fishing, access to snowmobile trails and more.We also offer cabin rentals on the Rainy River and ice fishing houses out on Lake of the Woods. Some anglers are having success with the walleye when jigging a smaller minnow just off the bottom. Anglers have also been taking portable gear out to parts of Jackfish and Sand bays. Some locals have been ice fishing … Our guide service is the leading full-time operation on Rainy Lake with 10 licensed and insured Captains. Category Archives: Weekly South Shore Fishing Report ... An update from the lake at Sportsman’s Lodge Rainy River. August 19, 2018 at 9:04 am #1792378. Fishing Report 7/18 Anglers Avenue Pro Shop Lake Of The Woods MN Fishing Report 2/24 Lake Of The Woods MN Fishing Report 12-09 The Devils Lake Walleye Bite is On Pack Your Suit Case For Lake Of The Woods Lake Of The Woods MN Fishing Report 1/8. A large portion of the lake surrounds Voyageurs National Park. Its an approximately 2 mile hike to the lake with most of the elevation gain in the first mile. Few lakes in the world can offer walleye, northern pike, smallmouth, black crappies and muskies for your fishing experience. Fishing guide service on Rainy Lake. Bring your own food and boat and get 7 days for only $621.50 per person….call Tom 1-866-294-5067 The north arm of Rainy Lake is an undiscovered fishing treasure of trophy Bass, Walleye, and Northern Pike. . Wayne Daul. RainyDaze Guide Service is your Guide to Rainy Lake and Beyond. Below are their rates for full-day and half-day trips. Ice is forming nicely and some people are venturing out to fish, particularly on Black Bay on Rainy Lake. Simply fishing the spot might produce a fish here and there but your chances of dragging your jig over a school of feeding walleye and catching a limit are slim at best. SAM WILLIAMS ... rainy weather and the deer rut getting hotter and pushing more outdoorsmen in the woods and the river is wide open for the serious angler. Posts: 304. Learn more about this incredible success story! So grab your favorite fly fishing rod and reel, and head out to Rainy Lake. Rainy Lake Fishing in Ontario Canada with Camp Narrows Lodge Special!! The International Falls Bass Championship is a unique bass fishing event on Rainy Lake and Rainy River, MN. Scott's Rainy Lake Guide Service, International Falls, Minnesota. On the Rainy River… An interesting fall on the river. Up at the Northwest Angle, anglers report a strong walleye bite on the mud adjacent to reefs and islands. However the ecosystem evolved has made for better conditions for pike to thrive more than muskies including in Redgut and Seine bay. We never locked into them. Rainy River Fishing Reports. We would catch a few and they would be gone (guess thats how it goes on Rainy). Rainy Lake offers a world class fishery for walleye, small mouth bass, crappie and northern pike. International Falls - Rainy Lake & the Rainy River. Whether you’re fly fishing, spinning or baitcasting your chances of getting a bite here are good. The few anglers who fished this past week had some good reports. . A Rainy Lake fishing trip can be an unforgettable experience, and our team is here to help you get the most out of yours. Lake Eufaula fishing report CAPT. Get Exclusive Access to the Outdoor News Fishing Reports, Lake Profiles, Tips and more! Good shiner run but low current. We also can provide portaging for guests who want to … Fished Rainy Lake for the third time this summer, this trip was for week of August 11th. Rainy Lake Fishing Report. Rainy Lake pike can be caught almost anywhere; with many of our guests catching large pike while fishing walleyes on reefs or smallmouth along a rocky stretch of shoreline. Our season started a little over a week ago. Fish Rainy Lake for walleye, northern pike, crappie and bass. The river is covered with ice. The lake spans over 73 miles, 200,000 acres of surface water and more than 1,600 islands of beautiful pine and granite rock. This is a report for Ann Lake which is accessible from the same trailhead as Rainy Lake. Seasoned Rainy Lake walleye anglers understand that deep water reef fishing is a game of hide and seek. We found the best access on the northeast side of the lake with high water and drift wood blocking most of the access points elsewhere. Lake of the woods mn fishing report 9 effectively jigging the rainy river rainy river fishing lake of the woods miramichi atlantic salmon report brad nps fishing rainy riverFishing Report Lake Of The WoodsFishing Report 9 28 2020 Lake Of The WoodsFishing Report 5 18 2020 Lake Of The WoodsFishing Report 4 27 2020 Lake … We now have 10-13 inches of ice and 1-5 inches of snow in the areas we fish and travel. It is not uncommon that a day fishing will often produce 5 lb Small Mouth Bass, 10 lb Walleye, and 20 lb Northern Pike. The fishing was overall pretty slow. For those essentials out on the lake, whatever we don’t have, we can get for you! Spanning the border between Ontario and Minnesota, Rainy Lake is a 220,000-plus-acre remnant of former glacial Lake Agassiz, which during the glacial period covered more surface area than all of the modern Great Lakes combined.Covering nearly 360 square miles, about 70% of which lies within Ontario’s borders, the lake forms an L-shape and is studded with more than 2,000 islands. Lake of the Woods Rainy River Fishing Report. Participant. Robert and Janet Weaver, owners of Camp Ontario for 12 years, would like to welcome you to their favorite fishing location. Fishing on Rainy Lake is fantastic! Some anglers say slow fishing compared to past falls. A quick fishing report from the Wheeler's Point Public Access on the banks of the Rainy River. Narrow down your tackle selection by adjusting season, water clarity, structure and technique. With great fishing on the lake and river, we take full advantage of the great fishing … Caught them steady on Saturday morning from 12"-26 1/2" on bottom bouncers in 4-7' of water. The temperature gauge is dipping today. Fish on your own or if you need a guide let us know and we'll make sure you're catching fish all day long! During this time of year, fish can be found in Ice patterns. For a low monthly fee of just $5, or annually for $24 (that's less than the cost of a bucket of… Rainy had a great walleye spawn in 2010 and 2011. Heavy rainfall during the end of summer and throughout the fall have increased the current and water levels, creating a feeding frenzy in the walleye. On the Rainy River… Ice fishing on the river mainly by locals has been good overall. Rainy Lake Fishing Report. Fishing was a bit of a struggle as the mayfly hatch was still going. Available species are Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Crappie. Sorry for the late report. The fall season ended up with a good number of shiners in the river from the fall run. Our Captains would be happy to show you and your friends how to catch trophy Walleyes and Smallmouth Bass. Spots (reef tops and edges) are often huge, sometimes covering half a football field or more. Rainy has been slow, somedays you can go out & do ok, my last 3 trips I have caught 1 walleye each trip, a 26", 16" & a 16.75", so nice walleyes...just not many., I did hear a report where some guys had sledded east of bushyhead and did well on big walleyes. What you need to know about fishing Rainy Lake. It is a great pike fishery with numbers of fish in the 34-38” range. For Current Rainy Lake Fishing Reports - Click Here.