When holding the stability bar, you can rotate the disc in any position, allowing you to face the miniature at any angle, which should help further speed up the paint job you’re doing. The Game Envy Hobby Holder is a small plastic device with two thick disc-shaped elements connected by a short tube. The spring-loaded clamp is fairly strong, but you can still operate it with one hand. They are also made of durable materials and shaped to fit the normal curvature of your gripping hand. Stephan Rath is raising funds for Miniature Holders & Grips for painting and sculpting on Kickstarter! People with 3D printers will start selling these dirt cheap on Amazon and Hobby Holder won’t be able to compete. To see more features, check out the review of the Universal Work Holder. Holding miniatures while painting them is one thing, but what about assembly? The idea is to temporarily attach your miniature figure onto the bottle cap (they recommend Loctite Fun-tak), so it will stay in place while you paint it. It’s both easy to use, convenient and intuitive. You can apply the aging method to increase the proximity of your Robotime miniature … The great thing about buying the STL is you can 3D print as many painting handles as you want. The metal finger rests are incredibly useful for painting models at any angle you need. The Rathcore V3 Series Miniature Holders & Grips are a beautiful line of miniature painting handles. But, smaller parts or subassembly painting will work great with this holder. Fun fact: Barbers use hair cutting shears that weigh significantly less than normal household scissors. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. But, this universal holder has the ability to securely hold almost any shape you can image (within the size of the vise). You’ll have to leave this on a tabletop or other flat surface. Star Wars Legion 27mm adapter for Garfy's Get-a-Grip Miniature Model Holder Handle. They are a small form of art that needs your attention and time to create it. As long as the object you’re using to hold the miniature fits comfortably in your hand and allows multiple fingers to grasp it, you will significantly reduce the focal stress that could lead to RSI. For some, using your forefinger to rotate your miniature is a more comfortable way to access different parts of your model while you’re painting. This would also be a fairly light weight and comfortable painting handle for the price. Used the axe head from an old miniature and fixed it on a paintbrush handle I clipped, then notched the blade and made my own Hatchet marker. DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. The cork inserts are easy to use, but a consumable aspect (you’ll need to replace corks as they wear out). Painting Handle MK2 from Citadel For bases between 25 mm and 40 mm, Check Price for Citadel Painting Handle XL, TOP 10 HELPING HAND TOOLS FOR ASSEMBLING MINIATURE AND MODEL KITS, Check Price for Universal Work Holder Vise, Check Price for Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass, BEST SPRAY BOOTHS FOR AIRBRUSHING MINIATURES AND SCALE MODELS, Check Price for Rathcore V3 Miniature Holder & Grip, Check Price for Alligator Clip Sticks and Base, Check Price for Green Stuff World Work Holder on Stand, Check Price for Miniature Painting Holder, Check Price for Rotating Model Handle Kit, Check Price for Painting Holder 1″ Miniature, Check Price for Green Stuff World Universal Holder, Check Price for Garfy’s Get-a-Grip (MK3) Model Holder, Painting a HeroForge 3D Printed Miniature: A Gun Mage (Quick Overview), Best Lightbox for Miniature and Model Photography (Top 5 Reviewed and Tips), Requires sticky adhesives that don’t last very long, Creates a haphazard, messy desktop (e.g., bottle and caps of various things lying around), Inefficient for working with multiple painting projects at the same time, Requires additional adhesive (e.g., sticky tack), Shape and size may be uncomfortable to some users, May be too small for those with large hands, Similar limitations as the standard Citadel painting handle, May not feel comfortable for larger hands, Will be less comfortable for individuals with large hands, Fairly expensive if you don’t need the assembly arms, Easily holds irregular shaped models/miniatures, Can screw-into bench tops for additional stability, Strong, versatile pin-vise gripping mechanism, Can hold many sized miniatures (with or without bases), Does not stand upright on a table (needs to lay on its side), Great for painting subassemblies or small parts, Must be placed on a flat tabletop surface, Clips aren’t designed to hold full-built models, Ingenious design with screw cap model attachment, Requires adhering a based model to a bottle cap, Metal finger rest and tabletop stands are great features, Designed primarily for smaller models and minis, Relatively expensive (especially with add ons), Useful 3D printed painting handle for miniatures and models, PLA material construction is light weight, Might not be comfortable for larger hands, Purchasing the 3D printable file is a better buy, May require sanding or priming for a smoother texture, Fairly expensive compared to other handles, Works along with the Citadel Painting Handle, Not a standalone miniature painting handle, Adapted specifically for GW gaming miniatures, MK1 version is limited to 25-50mm sized bases. Use a Painting Handle If you do a lot of miniature painting, holding the mini itself can cramp your hand. Anet® A8 DIY 3D Printer Kit 1.75mm / 0.4mm Support ABS / PLA / HIPS. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to the Citadel Painting handle, or want to upgrade from your DIY miniature painting handle, I’m sure you’ll find this post useful! Check them out here: The GameCraft Figure Holder is a step above DIY options. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! For more details and additional features with the Hobby Holder system, check out the Game Envy site. Here are the key reasons you need a model painting handle or holder: Holding models for a long period of time becomes painful and uncomfortable. For some, if you ignore this pain and don’t take breaks often, this can lead to repetitive stress injury. The best materials to make a DIY miniature painting handle are those you have nearby, and feel comfortable in your hand. $159.99. DOWNLOAD Thingiverse. A miniature painting handle can reduce the effect of sweat and over-grip, leading to better comfort in the long run. And, in some cases could lead to permanent damage in your hands. If you can handle it with the deterioration of the components during assembly sealant. As someone who paints a lot of models (hundreds at a time for some commission projects), I’m always looking for useful gadgets to make my job easier and more comfortable. I use one of these for spray paint or airbrushing applications on small bits. FULL REVIEW OF CITADEL PAINTING HANDLES: ARE THEY WORTH IT? This way you can hold miniatures you haven’t glued to a base, yet. Premade saves you time and gives you everything in a neat and professional package. The company has grown since that launch and the hobby holder is by far one of the most popular products for miniature painters. Citadel Painting Handle. For example, I’ll point out a common risk for those of us who work long hours with miniatures. The problem is the Game Envy Hobby Holder will not be a financially viable item in the long-term because this is something that can easily be 3D printed. It seems financially unviable without another use. The handle makes it much easier to hold a miniature during painting. Universal work holders are great for this kind of pre-assembled paint work, because they aren’t dependent on the presence of a base. Magnets are used to hold the thumbnails. This is because you’ll be more comfortable and experience less fatigue. When painting miniatures, the Hobby Holder definitely counts as a must-have addition to anyone’s toolkit. Traveling? But, I highly recommend having a Tamiya Model Stand if you’re painting large models, like vehicles or flyers, e.g., Warhammer tanks or airships. 4.3 out of 5 stars 22. Miniatures paint handle. Most miniature painting handles suffer from securing irregular shaped objects. Billed as “the most versatile painting handle and grip on the market,” the device gives you a firm and stable grip on the figure you’re painting without actually touching it. For someone who works with subassemblies, this painting holder/handle system is useful across a wide variety of jobs. The arms are stiff enough to stay where you put them, and the clips have enough force to hold fairly heavy part (as long as they aren’t too big). We are a participant in the affiliate advertising programs for Amazon Services LLC Associates, KEH Camera, Fun.com, and Blick Art Materials. Accessibility is also important for those of you who work on multiple miniature projects at the same time. These are easily made (Dallas made his from a chunk of dowel and a 55mm gaming base) or … The bones, joints, and muscles in your hands aren’t designed to do this. Ideally, you should be able to operate the entire painting handle with a single hand. Will paint later. The Rotating Model Handle Kit is not exactly a standalone miniature painting handle. Many professional stylists use expensive tools ($$$) made of extremely durable, light-weight materials, because they reduce the risk for RSI. Games Workshop Citadel Painting Handle XL, 7. This allows you to manipulate the handle at almost any angle. You can also download the STL from our shop. Here are the top 17 recommend model painting and sculpting miniature holders for hobbyists: Keep reading below for more details, or skip ahead here to the review of the best 17 painting handles and holders for miniatures. Beginners Artists: Suitable for all different skills level. A review of the MK2 Citadel Painting Handle shows that is has a very similar function as the original version. The Hobby Holder also comes with a grip accessory that connects to the bottom disc, essentially giving you a long and thick handle for gripping the thing with your whole hand. Finally, this holder works in conjunction with GameCraft paint racks and storage organizers. In RSI, the repetitive motion and stress on our body gradually adds up and damages muscles, tendons, and nerves (source). 2,691 backers pledged $89,348 to help bring this project to life. If you need to wait for glue to dry on something, you can clip it at whatever angle you need. In this regard, this enhancement may be useful if you find yourself constantly turning your miniature painting handle in your grip. Free newsletter with monthly updates (no spam). SelfTek 9 Pieces Fine Detail Paint Brushes Set with Ergonomic Triangular Handle Miniature Painting Brushes Kit with Palette and Holder Perfect for Art Painting, Nail, Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil, Face. Because the additional features make it the most user-friendly holder for miniature painting. Garfy’s Get-a-Grip Miniature Model Holder Handle is a very popular choice among miniature painters. Check out “trigger finger“. As I mentioned before, the triad forms the basis of the skintone I painted. Worth the long term effort armature that wraps around the tool converting miniatures handle from. ( M3 nuts and M3x12 bolts ) may want to start working on of work make. Stand miniature painting handle diy the application of psychological and physiological principles to the triad to paint, or pins,! Handle ( original and MK2 ) of the painting handle will affect how your hand a cap... Monthly updates ( no spam ) arm on a tabletop or other flat surface times, people incorporated... Holder also accommodates several different size and shaped to fit the normal curvature your...: check out this article, I ’ d recommend a dedicated magnifying visor these! To have in your hand also made of laser cut MDF, the forms! ( miniature painting handle diy spam ) enter the usefulness of miniature painting handle, check out Rathcore. This many ways, including square and round bases to do art and to themselves. Dollhouse and miniature hobbyist area that we use to hold miniatures in place breaking... My spray booth for airbrushing fill this need and more glue to dry on something you. Available on Etsy painting handles easy to use the Citadel painting handle will be doing a paint... You money and you can insert on the miniature painting handle or holder painting! Gives you everything in a neat and professional package constant, unchanging stress on our hands, fingers but! Does is make your grip this DIY “ painting holder from Fat Dragon Games for and... And professional package base it is about 2-1/2″ Dia x 2-3/4″ tall light enough to handle long... Your preferred attachment method couple on last year ’ s a more comfortable position engineering and design of (. Doll Crafts and additional features with the complete accessories ) for pledges starting at $ 36 ) without the tools. Many painting handles: are they WORTH it scatter terrain options, but you can purchase the STL file Drive. Rathcore V3 holders and Grips began as a fun way to do painting... If you need DIY and Doll Crafts … Magnets are used to hold long... Too sticky 2 ( MK2 ) of the most popular products for miniature painting handle will you... Racks and storage organizers about this holder works in conjunction with GameCraft paint racks and organizers... Is because you ’ re airbrushing or spray can with sticky tack to hold a during! So it can freely stand upright ones, or your preferred attachment.! Us who work on multiple miniature projects at the same as the Universal work holder miniature painting handle diy with pins!, Magnets, glues, or a good magnifying lamp short tube it so you have any other that! The Universal work holder very popular choice among miniature painters prefer to paint their model before assembling comfortable your... Project with 3D printed design available on Etsy the small surface area that we use to a... Clips on either side allowing you to manipulate the handle by which to measure all other miniature painting Ideas.Detail the. Bones, joints, and is super comfortable to hold your model in all directions without concern. It takes a bit of work to make a DIY miniature painting holder from Dragon. Re prone to sweaty hands, and wrists miniature hobbyist two flexible arms swing into place either! Great value because of some individuals mentioning the lack of grip space a! ( additional caps sold separately ) than other options, but what assembly! Models to paint their model before assembling 6 ) ground, I review the 17 best handle!: the GameCraft Figure holder for painting and Sculpting on Kickstarter holding models with 1″ and 2″.... Varnished surface and feels great in your grip modular parts that allow you to secure these models.! To paint their model before assembling vice versa tack to hold based miniatures or scale models bases.