Curley’s wife is bitter here, insulting the only men left on the ranch (Lennie, Crooks and Candy) while the others are at the brothel, by referring to them as bindle stiffs, meaning tramps. Like the puppy, Lennie ends up accidentally killing Curley's wife, sealing his ultimate fate of being killed by George. What about Curley? He can't stand people b. Which meant Curley’s wife … ANSWER: Lennie kills Curley's wife by shaking her so hard that her neck breaks -- remember, he is a big strong man. Also George and Lennie had the profit of having the ability of maintaining the farmland. Curley’s Wife In Steinbeck’s novelette, I find Curley’s wife to be an intriguing character, as she is the only character (and only woman in the story) given without a name. Why does Crooks let Lennie into his room? a. Of Mice and Men (CHECK!) And, indeed it suggests that Curley’s reaction to the loss of his wife is connected only to Lennie’s embarrassment of him. Lennie responds absently with concern about his dream farm and the rabbits he will have. 3) How does Lennie's killing of the puppy parallel his killing of Curley's wife and the mice? He treats his wife like a possession. In this essay I am going to be assessing the character Curleys Wife from Steinbeck’s book Of Mice And Men.The book is set in the 1930s during the Great Depression it features two farm workers called George and Lennie. When he sees Lennie smiling at the thought of the farm and the rabbits that George has discussed, Curley sees it as Lennie laughing at him. Both he and Curley’s wife seek comfort for their problems in each other, but it leads to an unseemly end. How is the conversation between Lennie and Curley´s wife like the conversation between Lennie and Crooks? 4) How does Candy react to the death of Curley's wife? Get your answers by asking now. It also alludes to the novella's title taken from the poem "To a Mouse" by Robert Burns in which a mouse meets a tragic end. How is George’s response surprising given what the reader knows about his relationship with Lennie? 5. While the death of Candy's dog is clearly meant to foreshadow Lennie's death, it could also be argued that the death of Lennie's puppy is used as foreshadowing as well. Why or why not? When Lennie realizes he killed her he tries to hide her body in the hay and runs off. George had a disbelief that the dream of owning farmland wouldn’t actually come true, but when the death of Lennie occurred, there wasn’t a chance of the dream to survive. "The Seafarer" and "The Wife's Lament" "The Wanderer" and "The Death of Beowulf" "The Wife's Lament" and "Grendel's Mother" "The Seafarer" and "The Wanderer" my . In Of Mice and Men, how does Lennie react to killing Curley's wife? d) How does Candy react to her death, what does he do, and why does he do this? 4) How does Candy react to the death of Curley's wife? There is an anxious atmosphere in this extract as a result of the death of Curley’s wife and Lennie’s reaction to this. Finally, he shakes her and her neck snaps. How might Curley's wife be responsible for her death? How do Curley’s wife’s and Lennie’s dreams both die with the accidental death? Curley´s wife, she is looking for someone to talk to. There are reasons for everything, and some murders are accidental which is a different situation. Include at least one quote in your answer. 3) How does Lennie's killing of the puppy parallel his killing of Curley's wife and the mice? Chapter 6. How does Steinbeck portray Curley’s wife in Of Mice and Men? He doesnt understand the finality of death. She tells Lennie about her desire to be a movie star and confides in him that her dreams didn't come true so she married Curley. She is yelling because he is holding on to her hair and won't let go. Curley's wife's obsession with herself ultimately leads to her death. ‘Gosh, she was purty.’ He smiled admiringly. Lennie is upset, he does not want her around. ” Lennie broke Curley’s hand almost instantly. Join Yahoo Answers and … George and Lennie were informed that Curley’s wife had only been married for time length of 2 weeks and she was already giving “the eye” to other men on the ranch. When Curley’s wife dies, the lack of compassion Curley shows justifies her frustration in life, particularly when her innocence is shown in death. Again, showing that her life has been a mess with one disappointment after another. Chapter 5 is filled with characters whose thoughts can be described very precisely: Lennie's fear, Curley wife's musings and then her terror, George's stoic acceptance, Curley's meanness, and Candy's despondency. Lennie crushes Curley's hand with his herculean strength. Lennie whispers I done a bad thing. He does not kill her on purpose. To Steinbeck, the American Dream is starting over/finding a new life … 1. Following his comment, Curley's wife chatters on, explaining more about her lost chance to become an actress and how she met Curley. The reader is manipulated to like, and dislike her at the same time. The dead mouse in Lennie's pocket acts as foreshadowing for the death of Curley's wife and Lennie's fateful ending. Answer Save. Who joins Lennie in the barn?How does Lennie react? “She caught the dead scent of Curley’s Wife, and the hair rose along her spine. The Struggles of Lennie and Curley’s Wife The characters of the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck face struggles such as Lennie and Curley’s Wife when trying to achieve the american dream. When George and Lennie first see Curley’s wife they are afraid because of how flirty she is without her husband knowing. The next minute Curley was flopping like a fish. Lennie has the strength of 20 men and the mind of a child. Near the start of the story, she has a fairly minor role in the story, but Steinbeck slowly increases her importance till she is the cause of Lennie’s death. (Point of View) In the scene in which Lennie murders Curley’s wife, how does the point George looked quickly down … It's not a coincidence that that she ends up dying because she didn't want Lennie to mess up her hair: look, and even touch if you want—but don't get too comfortable. Anonymous. He likes Lennie c. He just wants company d. He hates Curley A: c Curley’s wife poses as a threat to George and Lennie because she could get them fired. 0 0. c) How does Lennie react to her death? By the time he kills Curley’s wife, the reader knows that Lennie loves to pet soft things and that he tends to accidentally kill the things he pets. The only time Curley and Curley’s Wife are seen together is in the barn after Curley’s Wife has been killed by Lennie. Bet she’d clear out for twenty bucks.’ Lennie still stared at the doorway where she had been. The death of Lennie. 1) What is the significance of the rabbit appearing at the end of the book? In a fit of anger, Lennie throws the dead puppy before covering it up, when Curley's wife enters the barn. Why do Curley and his wife pose such a threat to George and Lennie? Relevance. George’s shooting of Lennie is foreshadowed throughout Of Mice and Men. She's half-afraid of Lennie, but she also wants his attention and praise. Curly on the other hand intentionally killed Lennie, although it may have been good reasoning. Explain the following quotes: a) George: ^All the time he [Lennie] done bad things but he never done one of Zem mean. “looks to me like ever’ bone in his han’ is bust” At the end of the book, Lennie broke Curley’s wife’s neck.He had … ‘Yeah, and she’s sure hidin’ it. what Curley picks for a wife.’ ‘She’s purty,’ said Lennie defensively. How does Steinbeck present the character of Curleys Wife? Overall, Lennie’s outstanding physical strength combined with his lack of intelligence and moral sense makes him dangerous without George monitoring him constantly. His strength overcame him, and his nervous reaction is what killed the girl. Still have questions? b. why he begins to believe he can share Lennie and Candy’s dream c. how he reacts to Curley’s wife when she mocks the men, and why d. how he reacts to Curley’s wife when she threatens him, and why 7. What George worried about? In this chapter, Lennie deals with the death of the puppy in the barn. Curleys' Wife Essay 614 Words | 3 Pages. How does Candy misinterpret Curley’s wife’s appearance in the barn? He is only shaking her like that because he wants her to stop yelling. 7 Answers. The most elemental reason that Curley picks the fight with Lennie is to prove he can. For example, Lennie killed Curley's wife accidentally and without purpose. This causes Curley to fly into a rage and take on Lennie. The other men were surprised at how strong Lennie actually was. Similar to the mouse Lennie accidentally killed in the opening scene of the novella, the puppy dies because Lennie does not recognize his own strength. Compare George’s and Candy’s responses to the situation. 4.How does George’s reaction to the murder relate to his belief in the dream? Curley’s Wife Curley’s wife is an interesting character in Of Mice and Men. Another way in which Curley’s Wife is depicted as lonely is after her death, when she has been left in the barn. Curley's wife tells Lennie of her life and her missed opportunity to travel with the show that came through her hometown. If so, then the relationship between Curley and his wife seemed plain and simple, a loveless affair. Curley doesn't understand how someone so stupid like Lennie can be so liked. When George found Curley's Wife dead, he knew it was Lennie who ACCIDENTALLY killed her. When she starts to yell, Lennie think George will hear and will be mad that he is communicating with the woman, so he covers her mouth. Ask Question + 100. b) Why does Lennie kill Curleys wife? This deadly combination will soon lead to the death of Curley's Wife. Both ask a lot of questions that Lennie cant answer, he does not understand the questions. 5) What options do George and Candy discuss after the discovery of the body? Should he bear some responsibility for the death of his wife? 5) What options do George and Candy discuss after the discovery of the body? Lennie gets more and more confused as to what do to (thinking that between the puppy’s death and his talking to Curley’s wife, George is going to be furious.) Curley got his work ahead of him. He fights Lennie and George tells Lennie to fight back. I done another bad thing. This is reinforced by the fact that she does not have a name in The travel around together in search of work sharing a dream of a place of their own, a small ranch where they … All occur because of the meeting in the barn between Lennie and Curley's wife, a meeting that seals forever the fates of all involved. As a result, the reader does not suspect that Lennie is capable of deliberate murder. Can we blame the victim?